I started developing games when I was ten years old, teaching myself to program on a Commodore 64, first in Basic, and then in Assembly. None of those first games ever made it beyond my computer. Fast-forward twenty years. I have just left my second professional software job in Austin, Texas to start a game company with a partner: Pinoli Software. Working together with 21-6 Productions, we developed and released the game TubeTwist, using engine technology from GarageGames in Eugene, Oregon. The game won several awards but was not a big money maker, so I drifted back into enterprise software development for another few years, working on game projects on the side as much as possible, but never releasing anything else commercially. Finally, in 2010, I managed to make the leap to full-time game development, joining PushButton Labs in Eugene, Oregon.  I learned a lot in my short time at PBL. When PBL wrapped up and some of the PBLers were ready to start another company, I jumped at the chance to be a partner. The name of our company is Spotkin, and the game we are now working on is called Contraption Maker. It is a spiritual successor to one of my favorite games of all time, The Incredible Machine, which served as inspiration to TubeTwist.

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  1. Hey, after reading your post, I bought the pre-release of Contraption.
    I happen to have a CD-ROM of The Incredible Machine version 3.0, from 1995. Nice to find out about the “Spiritual successor”!

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